My thermostat does not kick on the furnace overnight, some nights it does and other nites it doesnt. Its programmed at 67 overnite, we wake in the morning sometimes its down to 59 or60 degrees


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Has this thermostat been in operation for awhile without problems or is it a new installation?

Its been about 10 days, I replaced another programmable because of the same problem

airheatman :

It is my suspicion that sinvce you had same problem with old thermostat, that the problem lies in the furnace rather than the thermostat.It sounds as though something is tripping off inside the furnace.Turning power off and back on resets the control board in the furnace.Do you have the model number on the furnace?

Its a Carrier Crusader, dont have the model number, it is the original from 1991

model is 28RC136010

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I am not going to have access to a manual on that old of a Carrier furnace.Make sure your filter is clean ,this can cause overtemp limit to cut out.Also look in the bottom panel of the furnace and see if there is a control board with an LED light on it.If so, there should be a label on the furnace or printed on the board an error code chart.The next time the furnace does this,look at that board before turning power off and count the flashes.Then the chart should tell you what is malfunctioning in the furnace.

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