MY EDENPURE GEN 3, MODEL #A3729, SER #WG22311681, ID YL102,…


My Edenpure GEN 3, Model #A3729, Ser #WG22311681, ID YL102, has stopped heating. When I turn it on the on button lights up, but the heater does not ever come on. Is there a reset button somewhere? What happened was that I forgot to clean and replaced the filter and it stopped working. Now I do not know how to get it back in order. Any ideas?


Well, Unfortunately there is no further reset or easy fix for Your product. After

speaking with my goto person, I have been advised that the product will require a

return for service. Depending on where You bought it as to it’s warranty status. If the

dealer was an authorized EdenPURE dealer and it is within the warranty terms

there will be no cost (outside, ship to) to incur. If You will give Jamie a call at this

number (1-800-839-0966) she will take it from there. Please have Your sales

receipt in hand when You call. She will provide proper return instructions.

I regret that we could not go further with this however I hope this information will

prove helpful in a resolve for You.

Thank You for Your Question and Your Patience. If You feel I should be

compensated. You may ACCEPT my answer and provide POSITIVE feedback for

my efforts to help, as You see fit.

Good Luck and Best Wishes,

Regards, Lew

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